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  Set-EmailSizeLimit Fix Outlook OST/PST Max Size Limit with PowerShell By Michael J. Thomas I decided to look into some of my projects I did in the past and post some of them here. I created this project when I saw mailboxes that were really large in size like over 50 Gb which were freezing up the outlook mailbox on the local system and users were not able to send out their email.  The server had plenty of space with Office 365 but there were no group policies in place at the time that allowed the systems to have even larger OTS/PST files on the local system.  I created a local solution to fix these right away. One is a program that I made with PowerShell Studio that you can copy to the computer and set the size. The other solution is a PowerShell script that allows you to set the permissions to a remote computer and user. Check them both out and let me know what you think. Hopefully, you will find this to be a handy tool. Enjoy! GUI for Fix Outlook OST/PST Max Size Limit Project Down


  Start-Website Start a website with which ever browser you want it to start with PowerShell By Michael J. Thomas The other day I had built a function that could start a website with which ever browser I decided I wanted it to open with. This comes in handy when testing websites that you build or just with opening sites that are better compatible with one browser over the other. Here is this cool function.  Download Code from GitHub <# .Synopsis    Start-Website with a browser selection option.  .DESCRIPTION    Start-Website function is used to select which web browser you want to open a website with.  .EXAMPLE    Start-Website -Site -Browser Edge .EXAMPLE    Start-Website Edge     Start-Website Edge     .EXAMPLE    Start-Website -Site -Browser Chrome .EXAMPLE   Start-Website -Site -Browser IE #> function Start-Website { [CmdletBinding()] param ( [String]$Site, [Validate